Welcome to NUMMUS, a specialist financial services consultancy focussed on meeting the financial needs of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises.  From sourcing loan funds to assisting our clients with achieving their future plans, no matter a client’s needs we are perfectly placed to assist. 

With over 30 years experience in Financial Services, and an in-depth knowledge of all elements of the sector, we are uniquely placed to provide a personalised service to each of our clients – the days of ‘one size fits all’ are certainly gone as far as NUMMUS are concerned.

Meet the team

I previously required funding for one of my development sites, and asked John to help find the finance options.  Together, we identified what would work best for me, and then put the lending package in place.  I am again needing to arrange funding and had no hesitation with using NUMMUS to get everything sorted.  The guys are responsive, knowledgeable and just get things done.